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Charlie's Thoughts
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Sunday, 13 July 2014

Charlie's Thoughts 13- July

Dear Readers, 

A Recent Match
Today I was able to get revenge on one of those who are forcing my daughters to endure what I use to do for a living. 

I found out that Perthlin was working an independent wrestling show for one of his friends. I applied pressure to him and got him in a match. I wonder how the bone breaker feels to get a taste of what my daughter Marie went through. 

I know he's one of the men involved because the media caught a picture of him heading out of Aberdeen. He was huge back then. That was until Harold felt threatened by him and made him pay. 

I saw him being so close to Marie this week and Edward was convinced that he was going to get hurt. At least I have given Edward a chance and now he's not going to be broken. I don't like Edward, but will not have the monster I trained doing harm in my name.
My Girls Recent Photo shoot
I made sure the girls were okay before I headed out on the road. The match took place near an old storming ground of ours. Just outside Detriot Michgan. I'm sure that Perthlin is going to head off into Canada to lick his wounds. 

However I'm not going to allow him to do that. I saw the way he was looking at Marie and there is no way that I'm going to let him fall in love with her. Besides if I take Perthlin out of the picture with Harold then he's going to have to come out of his hole. 

He's hiding behind WWIC, the film and of course his home with Marie. I can't let her see me doing this so being secret is my may game plan. 

See you all next week and I'll tell you what has been happening. 


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