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Charlie's Thoughts
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Saturday, 18 October 2014


Hello Readers

For so long I have been hiding out and trying to understand a book that should never have appeared and yet here it is. I wonder if any of my questions will be answered. 

That's my phone and maybe I'll get the answers sooner than i thought ! 


Saturday, 20 September 2014

Change-Heart broken- 21/09

Dear All,

Since starting to write my thoughts I never thought I would be writing such a depressing blog. For the truth has crushed my daughters. Amber, Layla and Marie were brought up in Scotland, both were supporters of Scotland's Independence. Amber and Layla watched the results coming in on my TV, they eat popcorn and it was the first time that I felt like I had my family back again.

Marie was home wherever that is, I'm assuming that she was with Harold. I can't seem to get past that my baby married the monster who caused me so much pain, sorrow. I'm sure that her eyes will be opened one day, but part of me hopes that she is however doing this to make angry or hurt. I'm not sure which, I however plan on finding out.

When we heard that Scotland wasn't going to be freed my girls were crying and Marie phone Layla in tears too. I know the girls were hoping that a brighter future might finally be in Scotland. Being from Canada I can see both sides and understand all.

I was with my girls in their feelings today and I know they will be proud to be Scottish. They will remain the voices that chants for Scottish Freedom for the rest of their lives.

Proud to have been apart of that country at one time.


Monday, 1 September 2014

Worrying times 31-08

Hello all, 

Worrying times are here with Marie showing signs of being back to her old evil ways. It seems that Haorld is feeding her monster and I have been watching unsure who this person is. 

I never realised how important the journals were until today.  I need to go through hers after what she has done to Derek and continues to do to that boy. I know that has to be some greater plan here, but I can't see it. 

Is Marie with Harold because she wants to be? 

If that's the case then why am I here? 

I have so many questions and after the way she has dumped me on the other side of the city, I know that she is keeping me from her, Layla and Amber. I guess she never expected that Amber and Layla to come to see me. 

They have told me that what Marie is doing is to protect her bigger plan. I am surprised the sisters are letting Marie have such free rein with all of this. I guess it's easier to work with Marie right now than against her, since she is controlling Perthlin and Harold. 

I never thought that was possible until I came here. I guess I am getting to see a small peek into history when they were together last time. Parts of me are impressed, however I worry about the beating that happened last time all this happened. 

I am working again thanks to those wrestlers I worked with before. I'm booked all over Canada's out laying areas. It helps for me to keep my distance and I've done my first commercial thanks to Amber and I was surprised there was no dancing involved. 

Right now I feel helpless and hope that work will stop me from doing something that will hinder Marie. I have let Harold know that I am here. If he wants to talk or settle the score of me breaking his arm then he knows I'm not hard to find. 


Friday, 1 August 2014



The worst has happened..there's been a death. 

Will fill you in more soon, but someone has to pay. 


August 17th


I turned to an old friend yesterday. A brother in arms against Harold. I never thought Andrew would come into this. He has so much to lose but I can't do this without him. 

Derek and me are not enough. I heard that someone to whom has been in this since the beginning is about to die. I don't know who, I'm going to sure as he'll make sure it's not my girls. 

In the mean time Harold's working me into the ground. He has forgotten, the more I fight the more he fuels me. 

I'll be staring him in the face as champion soon. 


Disturbed 3-August


I heard something disturbing today. I heard that Marie was about to be involved in another horrible plan. There's rumours flying around that this plans not Harold's or Perthlin's. 

There is a third player, in the game that has become my life, but who? 


August 10th


Harold has started to move the twins apart and I think he's up to something. I know he's married Marie, but who is the other player in this. Comment below please. 

Amber has gone silent and I know she is scared. I have three daughters out here in the open...who do I defend or can I save anyone of them? 

This is a question I have asked myself a lot since starting these. I don't know what to do. 

Update again... I promise. 


Monday, 21 July 2014

Entry Can't Remember

Dear Readers and on lookers,

The weather is boiling and I never remember Chicago being this hot and uncomfortable. I think my brain lied to me after travelling America for so many years. 

Layla placed me in an apartment today and I have still to see Marie. I still can't believe that she did this! How can I even begin to repair what she has done if I don't know how to forgive her. 

Did she do this to get back at me?

As I look out the city, I can only sit and wonder. 

See you next week. 


Sunday, 13 July 2014

Charlie's Thoughts 13- July

Dear Readers, 

A Recent Match
Today I was able to get revenge on one of those who are forcing my daughters to endure what I use to do for a living. 

I found out that Perthlin was working an independent wrestling show for one of his friends. I applied pressure to him and got him in a match. I wonder how the bone breaker feels to get a taste of what my daughter Marie went through. 

I know he's one of the men involved because the media caught a picture of him heading out of Aberdeen. He was huge back then. That was until Harold felt threatened by him and made him pay. 

I saw him being so close to Marie this week and Edward was convinced that he was going to get hurt. At least I have given Edward a chance and now he's not going to be broken. I don't like Edward, but will not have the monster I trained doing harm in my name.
My Girls Recent Photo shoot
I made sure the girls were okay before I headed out on the road. The match took place near an old storming ground of ours. Just outside Detriot Michgan. I'm sure that Perthlin is going to head off into Canada to lick his wounds. 

However I'm not going to allow him to do that. I saw the way he was looking at Marie and there is no way that I'm going to let him fall in love with her. Besides if I take Perthlin out of the picture with Harold then he's going to have to come out of his hole. 

He's hiding behind WWIC, the film and of course his home with Marie. I can't let her see me doing this so being secret is my may game plan. 

See you all next week and I'll tell you what has been happening. 


Sunday, 6 July 2014

My Thoughts- Entry One- 06/07/2014


So Marie's PR manager hooked me up with this blog where I'm suppose to share my thoughts. So I wanted to post something so there was not a blank website for you to stare at every single week. I hear that people want to follow along with our adventures. 

Well you can follow as Layla goes about publishing our lives to the world and she will enjoy every minute of it if my conversation with her is anything to go by. 

Marie is under the illusion that this is her sister doing this to protect us all, but that isn't the truth. Marie is about to learn the hard lesson that Layla took the journals from my house and is set on getting the same fame her sister has. 

Blackmail and jealous streaks are two things I have learned to fear. 

Blackmail from Harold still comes in forms of notes and pictures that he sends me of my daughter with him. The dirty rotten b***d has gotten everything that he wants. Only I'm a Hitchen and my daughters might have changed their last names back to their mothers, but they have a piece of me in them. 

That fire in the pit of Marie's stomach or the ruthlessness in Layla that comes from me. The more I sit and think about it. This is properly not the best of me that I could have given them. 

Now that Layla has split up with Cameron I don't know what is going on with her. Only thing I do know is that someone is telling my girls who my spies in their lives were. I don't like. Because that is the only explanation I have for Marie's actions. 

I'm sitting in an apartment I am renting with Derek and we are working on a plan to get my girls away from WWIC before they destroy their souls like they did to the others who wrestled for them. 

I have lost so much already that I refuse to lose anyone else. 


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