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Charlie's Thoughts
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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Change-Heart broken- 21/09

Dear All,

Since starting to write my thoughts I never thought I would be writing such a depressing blog. For the truth has crushed my daughters. Amber, Layla and Marie were brought up in Scotland, both were supporters of Scotland's Independence. Amber and Layla watched the results coming in on my TV, they eat popcorn and it was the first time that I felt like I had my family back again.

Marie was home wherever that is, I'm assuming that she was with Harold. I can't seem to get past that my baby married the monster who caused me so much pain, sorrow. I'm sure that her eyes will be opened one day, but part of me hopes that she is however doing this to make angry or hurt. I'm not sure which, I however plan on finding out.

When we heard that Scotland wasn't going to be freed my girls were crying and Marie phone Layla in tears too. I know the girls were hoping that a brighter future might finally be in Scotland. Being from Canada I can see both sides and understand all.

I was with my girls in their feelings today and I know they will be proud to be Scottish. They will remain the voices that chants for Scottish Freedom for the rest of their lives.

Proud to have been apart of that country at one time.


Monday, 1 September 2014

Worrying times 31-08

Hello all, 

Worrying times are here with Marie showing signs of being back to her old evil ways. It seems that Haorld is feeding her monster and I have been watching unsure who this person is. 

I never realised how important the journals were until today.  I need to go through hers after what she has done to Derek and continues to do to that boy. I know that has to be some greater plan here, but I can't see it. 

Is Marie with Harold because she wants to be? 

If that's the case then why am I here? 

I have so many questions and after the way she has dumped me on the other side of the city, I know that she is keeping me from her, Layla and Amber. I guess she never expected that Amber and Layla to come to see me. 

They have told me that what Marie is doing is to protect her bigger plan. I am surprised the sisters are letting Marie have such free rein with all of this. I guess it's easier to work with Marie right now than against her, since she is controlling Perthlin and Harold. 

I never thought that was possible until I came here. I guess I am getting to see a small peek into history when they were together last time. Parts of me are impressed, however I worry about the beating that happened last time all this happened. 

I am working again thanks to those wrestlers I worked with before. I'm booked all over Canada's out laying areas. It helps for me to keep my distance and I've done my first commercial thanks to Amber and I was surprised there was no dancing involved. 

Right now I feel helpless and hope that work will stop me from doing something that will hinder Marie. I have let Harold know that I am here. If he wants to talk or settle the score of me breaking his arm then he knows I'm not hard to find.